Dhumkkudiya exposes the concealed reality of human and sex trafficking and the exploitation of the indigenous people of Jharkhand, India by the city elites. 

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Movie Synopsis

Dhumkkudiya is based on true events, where a tribal Indian family becomes devastated by the practices of human trafficking.

Reshu, a tribal teenage girl, aspires to be a hockey player. She is targeted for her passion for hockey and trafficked into a life of labor. Budhwa, a native tribal leader realizes his true identity while serving his rich masters. Despite being an integral part of the tribal community, Budhwa sabotaged his own people, culture, identity, and beliefs in pursuit of wealth and greed.

Dhumkkudiya is only one of over 40,000 stories of tribal youths who have been uprooted from their homes in Jarkhand, India.

What is Dhumkkudiya?

Dhumkkudiya is an ancient tribal institution, which functioned as a youth social institution and dormitory where elderly tribal wisdom related to every aspect of life was inculcated in the youth to meet all the challenges of life. The mantra “we were, we are, and we shall be”, originated from the Dhumkkudiya institution.

Dhumkkudiya was established to serve as a bridge to rediscovering the essence of tribal existence, in harmony with nature. However, during colonial rule in India, the tribal institution was targeted in order to implement the tactics of divide and rule. The film Dhummkudiya is a visual representation of the outcomes of greed and

disregard for nature.




Pradhuman Nayak


Subrat Dutta


Nayana Dungdung


Gita Guhu

Rishu's Mother

Nandlal Nayak

Rishu's Father

Rajesh Jais

Pandey Ji (Minister)

Chandra Shekhar Dutta

Somra (Agent)

Nikhil R Khera

Minister's Son in Law

Varsha Lakra

Minister's daughter

Jayram Mahto


Vinod Anand

Bhaiya Ji (Mill Owner)

Mashi Zama

Sumangal Nag


Director, screenwriter

Nandlal Nayak


Sumit Agarwal

Nandlal Nayak


Rupesh Kumar

Film Editing

Prakash Jha


Pushpendra Surywanshi